Thursday, May 14, 2020

How to Spot a Genuine Land in Uyo

Spotting a genuine land to buy is actually the most important part of Real Estate adventure.

There are many ways of spotting a genuine land, but here, i'll share one;

That is, paying part and telling the Seller to help you clear the place and also raise even 3 coaches of blogs there.

By doing this, you'll just watch and see what will unfold.

The truth is that if the property in question was not genuine, problems will arise immediately after clearing the land.

This has served a lot of people their hard-earned money.

The above tactic is just one of the least methods used by our Real Estate Partner, who will be introduced here soon. They have delivered a lot of people when it comes to UyoLands.

Buy Genuine Lands in Uyo only from the best Partner.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Best Way to Pay for Properties in Uyo

Having witnessed several Real Estate transactions in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and even outside Nigeria. Having also tried to compare the different ways. Today, we have decided to pimpoint the one that looks best, from our experiences. 

We have this to say; when buying and renting properties in Uyo, avoid using cash payments as they tend to be difficult to track. Instead, make use of bank transfers and post-dated cheques. This makes the payment easier to track, just in case people try to use your head.

This has been our most recommended way to pay for properties in Uyo.

Get a confirmed agent today to forsee your real estate deals with ease and transparency.

Thank you.
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Average amount for Lands in Oboetim

Lands around Oboetim are relatively cheap. But you need to be extra careful.

The place is about 5 minutes drive from Uyo.

Lands around this location cost on average, N500,000.

You can get very big properties of around 
1,000 sqm for N500,000.

If you need them, contact: 09018204949

Happy Easter! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How to Be Free from Landlord Wahala

Some Landlords are so mean. Some go the extra miles to peep at the pots of their Tenants. 

Our first Uyo Office was at Aka Etinan Road, Uyo.

We used a lot of money to change the looks of the place to a convenient one.

But, after putting in so much money, the Landlord started eyeing the house. 

He requested for money and drinks, each time we have banners to paste on the wall of the house. He later increased the rent.

That was when we decided not to rent a place again, instead own one. 


I don't know about you. But let me ask: do you want to be free from Landlord wahala?

If yes, buy lands, especially now that there is pandemic and see yourself saving huge amount of money in the process.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Lands

Globally, there is a pandemic called: "Covid-19". 

This pandemic has made a lot of people scared that they are eager to give out their properties at give-away prices.

This is why i think that this is the best time to buy lands, as they go at cheaper rates right now.

But note, you have to be very careful, as people may likely fight over properties, at the end of the pandemic. Better still, get a good agent to help you process your land activities.

Uyo Lands!

Friday, March 6, 2020

One Reason why Lands are Good

It is not movable

People buy cars and machines,  but end up loosing them. In lands, lands are good because they are not movable. They remain in their locations. As such, i can say that they are good.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Cheapest Storey Building with Soakaway and Borehole in Uyo for Sale

The property you are about to see will shock you. How can one build a storey building in Uyo, drill borehole and construct soak-away, settle the community and still offer it for sale at a very cheap price?

All is condition that he has found himself and decided to sell it.

If you have ever wished to own a property in Uyo, this is one.

Don't wait for any prophesy, just come to our office and move to the site and inspect by yourself. You are not forced to take decision. Just see and decide.

Call: 09018204949

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Fully Functional Filling Station for Sale in Uyo

The above filling station is owned by a known person. The person needs money for other business projects located in another part of the Country, and decided to sell off the filling station and complete the one at hand now. Buy and use, with no hassle.

Get to office and be accompanied to the site.

After that, you can make a choice.

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How to Get Cheap Lands in Uyo

Getting cheap lands in Uyo has to do with acquiring lands from the owners. Buying lands from owners gives one the opportunity to buy at the exact worth.

Many Land agents actually increase the prices of lands of lands in Uyo, making it look too high.

Here, you are given a tip on buying Uyo Lands at relatively cheap prices. If you don't need to get too close to the owner, you can get to his / her relative. By this, you won't experience the price hikes by some agents.

It's not as if as agents are bad, but the truth is that some agents actually make things difficult for other people. You need to get agents that also own properties, thereby sell the properties as theirs. The good agents also sell on the right prices given by the owners, knowing that it is better to get commissions in a decent ways, thereby earn recommendations from their clients. We work with one of the best agents in Uyo. You don't need to think twice, they deliver adequately.

I'll be sharing a property that our perfect agent just shared in the next post, by the grace of GOD.

Remember, Investing in Real Estate is better than Savings.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Why Real Estate Is Better Than Bank Savings (Part 2)

You are welcome to UyoLands. We have started discussing a key subject: 

"Why Real Estate Is Better ThanBank Savings". If you missed the first part, kindly click HERE

Below is the continuation of the first part:

4. There is no Trace of the Rich Investing in Savings
I have studied many wealthy people, I have not seen any of them relinquishing control of the investments to other people. Saving your money in the bank is a comfortable way of relinquishing control to other individuals. The bank use the money without even obtaining permission from you. UyoLands have links to cheap and profitable lands in Uyo. Won’t you rather invest in Real Estate being buying cheap lands in Uyo and watch your Investment grow?

5. Savings Force One to Fall Prey to Parkinson’s Law
The above law states that expenditure will always rise to meet Income. If you fall prey to the above Law, it is just like dying. I remember subscribing to Insurance scheme with one of the top Nigerian banks, it happened that each time money falls into the account, they have placed a mandatory withdrawal from the account. In that case, you won’t even be given opportunity to think what or how best to use the money. I realized that I was gradually becoming a slave to them, I decided to open a new account with another bank and stopped putting money in that account. Thanks to UyoLands, as you can be shown to Cheap and Profitable Lands in Uyo, where you can acquire for less than N 1m and use it or lease it to Agric Experts. By so doing, you still remain the Landlord, but get residual income on them.

Let UyoLands open your eyes to Cheap and Profitable Lands in Uyo.

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Why Real Estate Is Better Than Bank Savings (Part 1)

A lot of people have asked repeatedly; “between investment in Real Estate and
Bank Savings, which one is Better?”

Uyo Lands presents why Real Estate is Better than Bank Savings, based on the following points:

I know that “Savings is one of the signals to wealth”.

1. Fiat Currencies Depreciate in value while Real Estate Appreciates
As the day goes by, the purchasing power of money depreciates as its value depreciates as well: Purchasing power is directly proportional to the its value. What your 1,000 units of money could afford as at last 5 years cannot be afforded today, because the value continuously depreciates. But, we at UyoLands have witnessed people purchasing lands with N50,000 and end up selling that same property for N2,000,000, after     some time.

2. Interest Paid on Savings Look Insignificant, Compared to Those Derived From Real Estate Investments
Saving money in the bank attracts interest. But what can the interest actually afford, after calculating the value lost?
Even fixed deposits attract 10% per annum. But I tell you that the dividends received doesn’t solve the same problems that it would have been solved before this time, due to inflation.

3. The Money Saved in the Bank is a Seed to the Bankers
When we put money in bank, the bankers have the ability of loaning out the money for people who need loan and rake in interest far more bigger than the interest they give you. It is believed that bankers use Other People’s Money (OPM) to build estates and allow the poor to rent, making the Rich to be richer and the Poor, poorer.
With the few points, it is believed that even a blind man can see that Real Estate Investments produce far more interests than saving the money in the bank. Watch out for the continuation of this article.

Monday, February 24, 2020

How Not To Loose Out in Lands Investment

Lands, in ideal state don't depreciate in value; they appreciate with time.

But hey, you can loose your investment in lands.

Uyo Lands has taken time to study why people loose out in lands investments.

One of the way through which one can loose out in lands investments is by passing through the wrong agents. You need an agent who has a track record of success.

Over time, UyoLands agents will be unveiled to you to transact with no fear.

Stay safe in Land matters with UyoLands.